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Bon appetit bowls

Our range of wide bowls and mix and match lids - the ultimate in style and versatility. Clear PLA and paperboard food bowls each available in a range of three sizes. With a top diameter of 185mm (7.3 inches), one lid fits every size of bowl and offers a glorious wide-angle view of your lunch. Our Bon Appetit PLA lid is a patented Vegware design, cleverly fitting onto the outside rim of our paper bowl, and with a great seal on the inside rim of our PLA bowl.

Paper food bowls
Serve up delicious curries or vibrant poke bowls in style! PLA-lined paper bowls, perfect for a wide range of hot or cold food.

PLA food bowls
Our PLA food bowls provide a 360 display for cold meals. Made from plant-based PLA. Suitable for cold food only.

Bon Appetit lids
A choice of mix and match lids to accompany our Bon Appetit bowls. Choose kraft or white options for hot food, PLA for cold.

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