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Cold cups

Vegware paper cold cups made from sustainably-sourced board and lined on both sides with plant-based PLA. Vegware PLA clear cold cups are strong, light and perfect for cold drinks. Use Vegware's 2-4oz portion pots for our 76-Series cold cups, or 3oz insert for our 96-Series cold cups to turn them into snack combos. Use the Series numbers to match cups to lids.

Paper cold cups
Paper cold cups available in a range of sizes. Crisp white with Vegware's Green Leaf band. Made from sustainably-sourced paper, lined with plant-based PLA.

PLA cold cups
Perfect for all cold drinks but can even be used for fruit salads, yoghurts and cold desserts. Made from plant-based PLA. Use the Series number to match your cup to the right sized lid.

PLA Green Tree cold cups
Part of our Green Tree collection. Perfect for cold drinks, desserts, mini salads, or healthy snacks. Made from plant-based PLA. Use our Series numbers to match your cup to lid.

PLA plain cold cups
Clear plain cold cups for cold drinks, snacks and desserts. Lids available in flat or domed and with or without straw slot. Made from plant-based PLA. Use the Series numbers to match cups to lids.

76-Series PLA cold cup lids
Straw slot or no hole, domed or flat, there are plenty of lids options for our 76-Series cold cups. 76-Series cold cups turn into snack pots using our portion pots. Made from plant-based PLA.

96-Series PLA cold cup lids and insert
Top it off with a selection of lids and inserts for our 96-Series cups. Use the 3oz insert to to turn your cup into a snack combo for yoghurt and granola or crudit?s and dip. Choose straw slot or no hole, and domed or flat, lids. Or opt for a raised sipping lid, secure back with the snap-back tab. Made from plant-based PLA.