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Deli containers

Strong, light and clear deli pots and containers in a range of shapes and sizes. Hinged and separate lid options to present cold salads, desserts and deli treats. Made from PLA, a renewable plant-based material.

Bella pots
Sturdy round pots, pefect for your morning yoghurt and granola servings. Fits Vegware's 3oz insert on 96-Series lids for food on the go.

Hinged PLA deli containers
Perfect for cold weigh and pay salads, deli treats, fruit and baked goods. The built-in lid has a tight seal for freshness.

Round PLA deli pots
Incredibly popular, one lid fits all sizes for added efficiency in serving, stacking and saving space. Made from plant-based PLA. For cold food use only.

Rectangular PLA deli containers
Serve cold salad bar items in style. From pastas and leafy greens, to fruit and brownie bites. One lid fits 8 - 16oz containers, another fits 24 - 32oz, for added efficiency in storing, stacking and serving.

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