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Hot cup extras

Everything you might need to accompany your hot drinks to go. Compostable hot cup lids in a range of materials, plus sleeves, cup carry trays and sugar sticks. Use Series numbers to match lids to your cups.

Moulded fibre hot cup lids
Moulded fibre lids for 79 and 89-Series hot cups. Reclaimed natural material, pressed into sturdy hot cup lids.

White CPLA hot cup lids
Sleek white lids for 79 and 89-Series hot cups. Made from plant-based CPLA..

Black CPLA hot cup lids
Sleek black lids for 79 and 89-Series hot cups. Made from plant-based CPLA..

Paper hot cup lids
Paper hot cup lids with innovative pull back tab. Made from sustainably-sourced paper and lined with plant-based, moisture-resistant, PLA.

Sugar sticks
Need something sweeter? Choose our sugar sticks with Fairtrade white or brown sugar or stevia, a natural plant-based sweetener. Recyclable with paper or compostable with food waste!

Kraft clutches
Compostable kraft brown clutches to fit our 79 and 89-Series cups. Small fits 79-Series, large fits 89-Series. Made from sustainably-sourced board. Plain design. Brand with our custom print service.

Cup carry trays
Cup trays for coffee with friends! Choose between 2 and 4-cup handled carriers or splittable 4-cup carry trays. Made from sustainably-sourced materials.

Wooden stirrers, choose shorter size for 8-12oz cups and longer for 16oz and above. Made from sustainably-sourced, untreated birchwood.

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