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Earth Friendly Foodware, suppliers of food packaging made from plants, are proud to highlight today the acceptance of compostable products into commercial food waste collections provided by Viridor Barnstaple. This supports Earth Friendly Foodware’s objective of a zero landfill approach to waste disposal. Compostable product disposal on food waste is available to all Viridor customers in North Devon with a food waste collection service.

This means North Devon’s food and drink outlets can dispose of used compostable foodware and drinkware in their Viridor food waste disposal bin. Used compostable food and drink packaging can now be diverted from landfill. Using anaerobic digestor partners, Viridor are helping channel food waste and compostable disposables to a more productive after life.

“The food and drink packaging products we supply are made from plants not plastic”, commented Andrew Cross, Director, Earth Friendly Foodware. “Our manufacturers pay careful attention to sourcing renewable and sustainable resources for their production. The products we supply offer huge embodied carbon savings over their plastic counterparts. Therefore, it makes sense to have a friendlier disposal alternative to landfill.”

“Gone is the traditional waste collection and disposal company”, explained Simon Spiers, Viridor Barnstaple. “Viridor are committed to transforming waste into energy and items that society need tomorrow. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of North Devon businesses. From flexible collections to the inclusion of compostable products in our food waste collections, Viridor are giving waste a new life.”

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