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Portion pots

Portion pots and lids for dressings, seeds, nuts or candy. Clear PLA pots and lids for cold food, bagasse for hot. The 2-4oz PLA pots fit our 76-Series cold cups as an insert for snack combos. Our 3oz PLA insert fits the 96-series PLA cold cups. For the PLA options one lid fits both 0.5 & 1oz pots, another lid fits 2-4oz pots.

PLA portion pots
Samples, sauces and snacks, these portion pots have a wide range of applications. Made from plant-based PLA.

Bagasse portion pots
Samples, sauces and snacks - either hot or cold. Our bagasse portion pots are the solution for those experimenting with temperature. Made from reclaimed natural fibre.

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