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The New HOTBIN Mini is a slimline hot composter designed for smaller gardens and for keen composters who have less waste.





The New HOTBIN Mini is a slimline hot composter designed for smaller gardens and for keen composters who have less waste.

Half the volume of the HOTBIN Mk.2, the HOTBIN Mini is a 100 litre unit which benefits from all of the features on the Mk.2 model but on a smaller scale.

Despatch time:  Up to 10 working days
Material:  Arpro® EPP
Capacity:  Approx. 100 litres
Weight:  4kg (unboxed)
Size:  115 x 45 x 45cm (45 x 17 x 17 inches)

Household Size: Average 1-2 person household with or without a small garden.


New Leachate Collection System

HOTBIN Mini features a much-requested leachate collection system. Leachate is naturally created as part of the HOTBIN composting process and can be used as a liquid fertiliser.

Like the Mk.2 HOTBIN, HOTBIN Mini has a sloped internal base which funnels the liquid towards the drainage cap like water draining from a shower tray. This liquid can be drained via the cap as required.

Superior Lid Seal

The new lid seal design includes a raised step around the edge of the seal that when closed inter-locks like a tongue and groove join. This much-improved lid seal helps to keep the lid firmly closed, prevents any water ingress during heavy rainfall and locks in heat even more effectively.

Product Information

The HOTBIN is like no other compost bin on the market, it will quickly chomp through all your food and garden waste turning it into rich, organic compost your garden will love.

The innovative design and insulating nature of the material keeps the HOTBIN HOT, creating a natural environment which quickly digests the contents, making HOT composting easy – all without having to add any composting accelerators or activators!

HOTBIN reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill by composting more types of food waste. Be less selective by composting 100% of all food and garden waste without the traditional composting problems of odour, flies, turning and tumbling.

HOTBIN has been independently tested by Garden Organic and voted Best Composting Making Product in the Great British Growing Awards,  HOTBIN has thousands of satisfied customers and a stack load of reviews and case studies proving that HOTBIN really is a HOT composting bin that works.

Trust HOTBIN, the HOT composting system that lets you compost more!

HOTBIN composting benefits

  • Rich compost fast – 30 -90 days
  • More compost – Recycle all food and garden waste
  • Easy to set up and use – no back breaking turning or tumbling, undue odour, flies
  • Locate on any even surface – Sun or shade
  • Self-contained bin (has a bottom)
  • Better for the environment
  • No accelerators or activators needed
  • Works ALL year round

Finding the Right Spot?

Locate HOTBIN on any flat surface, in sun or shade and achieve HOT composting throughout the year and rich compost in 30 – 90 days.

What Do i Need to Add?

You will need a minimum Minimum of 2.5kg/5litres One small 5 litre kitchen caddy (roughly 19 x 25 x 18cm) of food and/or garden waste per week.

Add in shredded paper or card to control moisture (a good way to get rid of your recycled paper) and bulking agent (partially composted woodchip) to provide aeration.

The HOTBIN Mini compost bin arrives assembled and ready to use.

It comes complete with:

  • Lid Thermometer to monitor temperature
  • Airtight lid and bio-filter to reduce smells and associated attraction of vermin and flies
  • Aeration valve plate to moderate temperature
  • 50mm thick insulating walls to retain the heat
  • Aeration base plate to disperse air within the bin
  • Removable front hatch to extract new compost
  • One black cam strap (to maintain an airtight hatch)
  • “How to” user guide
  • FREE Composting Support online
  • FREE telephone & email support

The EXTRAS you receive:

  • 25 litre bag of Bulking Agent
  • Extra thermometer to track the HOTBIN’s internal temperature
  • ‘Kick Start Heater’ (to keep HOTBIN working in winter)
  • Raking stick


Collecting the nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser from your HOTBIN MINI is now easier with the new HOTBIN MINI Plinth. The Plinth raises your HOTBIN MINI off the ground by 125mm (5 inches) providing easy access to slide a suitable receptacle underneath the HOTBIN MINI tap when draining the liquid fertiliser.

Durable, sleek and hardwearing, situate the Plinth on a flat level surface and ease the HOTBIN MINI into the contoured raised edges to provide a snug, firmly nested fit.

  • Makes collecting liquid fertiliser easy
  • Quick and easy set up and install
  • Waterproof and all year round weather proof

Price shown excludes VAT. VAT is added at checkout. Price including VAT and delivery is £232.00.

Delivery is free of charge to mainland England, Wales and up to the central Scottish belt. The following delivery charges will apply if you want delivery outside of this area.

Scottish Highlands – £48 (Applies to the following postcodes: AB31-56 | FK17-21 | HS1-HS9 | IV1-63 | KA27-28 | KW0-14 | KW15-17 | PA20-78 | PH15-50 | ZE1-3)
Scottish Islands – £48
Ireland & Northern Island – £78
Isle of Man – £36
Isle of Wight – £15
Channel Islands – £36

The above prices include VAT.

Please contact us for delivery surcharges to overseas addresses.

Your order will be delivered in 15 working days depending on your location. It is not essential to sign for your delivery. If you have a safe location where your HOTBIN and PLINTH can be left, please include details in the delivery instructions box during checkout. The courier will leave a card if you are out and have left no instructions.

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