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Earth Friendly Foodware Limited are proud to announce a new partnership with North Devon eco-business, Ridan Composting Limited.

The partnership will see Earth Friendly Foodware promote the Ridan range of composting machines and maturation boxes with Ridan promoting Earth Friendly Foodware’s range of compostable catering disposables as approved for use in their machines.

Rigorous testing by Ridan has proved any product from the Vegware range will reduce to a rich fertiliser within six months, when added to an approved compost mix, in any Ridan composter, with many products reducing in a much shorter time period.

All Ridan food composters are designed to use natural ingredients and processes to create a warm environment in which food waste (nitrogen) and wood (carbon), can mix with air and water. Unlike other composters, all this happens without the need for electricity, making Ridan composters cheap and easy to use.

“Adding an onsite composter reduces collection vehicle emissions and offers the opportunity for food waste created in a locality to be returned to the earth in that locality,” commented Andrew Cross, Director, Earth Friendly Foodware. “We are very pleased to add Ridan Composting to our list of approved partners. I am sure their range of cost efficient composters will appeal to our customers.”

“We are excited to be working with Earth Friendly Foodware,” confirmed Dan Welburn, Director, Ridan Composting; “They are very proactive in the market and have put disposal high on their priorities. Ridan’s range of composters are an ideal fit for those businesses they are selling to.”

Earth Friendly Foodware Limited sell compostable single use catering disposables, primarily from Vegware, to food and drink service companies in the UK. Their offered product range includes hot cups, cold cups, takeaway boxes, food cartons and deli containers. Products supplied are certified compostable, low carbon, certified food safe with a traceable, sustainable supply chain.

Ridan Composting Limited design and supply innovating, environmentally friendly composting machines for food waste recycling and composting of green waste. All Ridan composting machines are designed to strict environmentally friendly guidelines and are supplied to schools, hotels, cafes, prisons, caterers, as well as helping communities return their food waste to local farming projects.

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