Who uses Vegware?

Vegware products are helping many different organisations realise their ambition to use sustainable catering disposables and go full circle with their green waste to create fertilizer.


Dundee & Angus College

One sure way of ensuring green waste becomes fertilizer is to have an onsite composter. Find out what Dundee & Angus College worked with Vegware and Tidy Planet:

University of Cambridge

By committing to compostable food and drink packaging, the University of Cambridge saves 1.5 tonnes of carbon every month. Working with Vegware’s environment team, the University introduced a green waste system allowing packaging to be composted with food waste. To help students understand the new bin system, Vegware ran Green Day events to ensure maximum success.


River Cottage Spring Fair

Using Vegware’s event waste management expertise and their compostable products, River Cottage achieved a 72{f220295043e1309efe89d0f6a8e7c3dbfcdb80eeba22e241ac4243bdce5929da} recycling rate at their Spring Fair – beating the UK event average of 15{f220295043e1309efe89d0f6a8e7c3dbfcdb80eeba22e241ac4243bdce5929da} by a country mile!

Edinburgh Mela Festival

Being Scotland’s biggest celebration of world music and dance, the Edinburgh Mela has an enviable reputation to protect. Find out why they banned polystyrene and chose compostable instead.

Manchester Coffee Festival

Cup North is the home of the Manchester Coffee Festival. How did using Vegware products help?

Glasgow Festival 2014

Find out how these vent organisers achieved an impressive 81{f220295043e1309efe89d0f6a8e7c3dbfcdb80eeba22e241ac4243bdce5929da} recycling rate.

Cafés and Food Retailers

Union of Genius Soup Café

Being green has brought Union of Genius lots of business benefits and the cafe is flourishing with exciting plans for expansion! Learn more……

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