Why compostable?

Is compostable or green waste better than petroleum based waste?

We at Earth Friendly Foodware believe it is. Here are four reasons why:


Compostable products are made from plant based renewable materials which are sustainable. Crops like sugar cane and corn are used which can be grown annually unlike petroleum based waste which has a finite supply and is not sustainable.

The products can be composted. Best case scenario is all green waste gets composted and returned to the earth as fertilizer to grow more raw materials. Whether you use a commercial composter, have your own composter onsite or a traditional garden composter, all the products we sell can be returned to the earth.

Treating green waste as rubbish means it is thrown away or sent to landfill. When green waste is composted it becomes a valuable resource. Compostable products are driving a greater awareness around Green Waste as a waste category. We are seeing an increasing number of businesses and consumers starting to compost all their Green Waste because of the introduction of compostable food packaging.

Using compostable food and drink packaging is a huge step towards reducing the environmental impact of packaging. We would like to see all food and drink packaging returned to the earth as fertilizer. The availability of commercial composters is growing and every carton, container and cup returned to the earth as compost helps grow the next farm crop.


What are compostable products made from?


Are these products really compostable?

All manufacturers of compostable products are required to make available a Declaration of Compliance. This document confirms the British, European and International standards their products meet covering suitability for use in food and drink serving, traceability down the supply chain and the products compostability. These are always available on request, just ask.

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