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frequently asked questions


what are your delivery costs?

Delivery via our Standard Delivery service is free of charge for orders with a value exceeding £250 plus VAT.

Orders below £250 plus VAT attract a delivery charge of £15 plus VAT. 

Our Next Day Delivery is charged at £25 plus VAT regardless of the order value.

Where can you deliver?

We can deliver anywhere in mainland UK. 

can I make changes to an order?

Unfortunately, once processed and confirmed by tour Customer Service team, orders cannot be amended.

what is your order cut off time?


how quickly do you deliver?

Orders placed before 11:30am will be sent out on the same day on our Standard Delivery service. Your items will arrive 1-2 days later.

If you choose our Next Day Delivery service, your order will be scheduled on a next day pre-12 service.

do you deliver on Saturdays?

We can deliver on a Saturday. Pease select Saturday delivery at checkout.


are your products compostable?

All the packaging products we offer are industrially compostable or will compost in a home hot composter. Where a product can be disposed in a standard garden composter, the product description will confirm this.

What's wrong with 'recyclable'?

Everyone likes the word ‘recyclable’ but many countries export their recycling, and recent news has brought to light that it's not actually getting recycled.

Can I compost Vegware in my area?

Visit Vegware's Composting section on their About page to see how Vegware's Environmental team can support your region.

what's the difference between compostable and biodegradable?

Same process, different breakdown speeds. Biodegradable tells us nothing about timescales – for example, wood is biodegradable, but a log cabin can stand for generations. Compostable means that packaging can break down in under 12 weeks in composting conditions, and is therefore suitable for industrial composting.

What are the benefits of compost?

Officially defined as a form of recycling, composting keeps resources in your region without relying on export. Waste is turned into useful resources, helping businesses reduce their environmental impact and join the circular economy.

Which bin should it go in if I can't compost it?

General waste or "black bin" please.

where can I compost my packaging?

There are a wide variety of solutions to compost your food and packaging waste. Please email us directly at

What's the point of disposables being compostable?

Composting is a form of recycling which keeps resources local, unlike much plastic and paper which is exported overseas with no guarantee of it actually being recycled.

What are composting conditions?

Compostable packaging needs to be in the right composting conditions in order to break down. Hot, also known as commercial or industrial, composting creates the perfect balance of microbes, moisture and warmth, so that compostable packaging can be included in food waste recycling.

custom print

Are custom printed products compostable?

Yes. As with all the products we supply, custom print products can be commercially composted where accepted.

What happens once my artwork has been created?

We will send you a digital proof of your artwork so that you can approve the colours, sizing and positioning before it goes to print.

What file formats do you work with?

If you are providing your own artwork, we accept Adobe Illustrator (.ai), editable .pdfs or .eps files.

What kind of inks are used for custom printed products?

All of our products are printed using vegetable or water-based inks, and the finish is great.

How much do you charge to put artwork together?

Vegware's creative team will spend up to an hour on a custom print request and, if needed, can amend the design based on your feedback. Over and above this first free hour, a flat rate charge will be made for each additional amendment.

Can I design my own custom print artwork?

Yes! If you would like to design your own custom printed products and have access to Adobe software, please get in touch so that we can supply you with the correct templates and guidelines.

What do I need to provide for a custom print product?

We need your logo and any additional text and artwork elements you may want included. We ideally require these in a vector format, however, depending on the product, we may be able to use high resolution jpegs (300dpi or higher). Please include instructions if you have a specific idea in mind for your artwork.

How long will it take for me to receive my custom printed product?

Timing varies based on the product, design and quantity ordered. Please contact our Customer Service team who can provide a more detailed timeline.


Are Compost Accelerators Needed in the HOTBIN?

No, save your money!

Can I collect the liquid and use it as a fertiliser?

Yes - you can collect the liquid fertiliser (leachate) and pour onto your plants and soil.

You can expect up to a mug full (300ml) when draining regularly but please be aware that the amount drained from the HOTBIN will vary from user to user based on the types of waste added to the HOTBIN.

Hot composting increases the rate of chemical biological reactions - the speed doubles, roughly, for every 10°c increase in temperature.

What is the HOTBIN made of?

The HOTBIN is made from strong and durable ARPRO® Expanded Polypropylene, known as EPP. This not a single-use plastic nor is it Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

How Much Waste can HOTBIN Compost?

Very simply the speed at which compost is produced will determine how much waste can be composted.

All wood based materials like leaves, twigs, paper and card can be composted and will decompose over time spent steaming in the HOTBIN.

What is Leachate ?

Water is released during the composting process. In the HOTBIN, much of this water is evaporated and leaves as steam/water vapour through the valve in the lid. However, when there is excess water it will drain down towards the ground, as it does, it dissolves humic compounds from the compost to form a dark brown liquid. This liquid is a liquid fertiliser (leachate).

is my HOTBIN likely to spontaneously combust?

It is highly unlikely that a HOTBIN will self-combust under any normal composting conditions due to the moisture left in the decomposing waste. Most organic materials will only self-ignite at around 120°C.

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